Tmux for Termux

Tmux for Termux


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Have you ever wonder how to open multiple sessions in a singel screen in termux.

Here is a solution, an open source terminal multiplexer for Linux or Unix operating systems.

I often used this alot while writing program.

It was developed by Nicholas Marriott and contribute by Thomas Adam , Ben Boeckel and many more you can check it in the GitHub Contribution page.

Tmux is written in C Language and it's open sourced at GitHub. If you think that you can improve the program than you can contribute at Tumx.

You can visit my GitHub account jyotirmoydotdev and follow me i contribute c++ programmes which will help you to learn c++ .

Now let me tell you who to use it and gain all the full potential of this program.

Installation ๐Ÿ”ง

To install tumx in your termux you will first need to update the packages by typing...

pkg update && pkg upgrade

After that you need to type a command which will basically install the tumx

pkg install tmux

Basic command

After you successfully install tmux. You will see message like this

Unpacking tmux (3.2) ...
Setting up tmux (3.2) ...
Processing triggers for man (1.14.5-2) ...

Now move on the basic commands.

To start the program, first simply type :


Remember if you want to use this command than first you need to type
CTRL + b after than the command.

Eg : To split a screen in vertical orientation your need to first type CTRL + b after than " % " percentage symbol.

%Vertical Split
"Horizontal split
zFull screen mode for current pane
oGo to next pane
xKill pane

This are the command commonly use there are more advance thing which i will covering in the part 2.

Here are some of the extra command which will be useful

Note : For this command you don't need to type CTRL + b .

tmuxStart tmux
tmux new -s "name"Start tmux with "name"
tmux lsShow the list of session
tmux kill-session -t "name"Kill the session "name"
tmux kill-serverStop the program

To get all the command list type CTRL + b and then "?" question mark.

Thank you for reading this far. If there is any mistake than a humble sorry ๐Ÿ™‡ and leave a comment.

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